Supporting Diversity and Resilience for All

About Us

¡Suma! is part of the Boulder County Cultural Brokers Resilience Program.

This initiative provides a platform or a meeting place to share information in an accessible and equitable way for the entire community. We share resources, programming, and events for residents of the Boulder County region. The Cultural Brokers Resilience Program also works in the areas of Professional Development, and Community Resilience Efforts in partnership with other agencies throughout the county. To learn more about Cultural Brokers and our program, click the button below. 

What We Do


Our diverse community shares culturally relevant information, events, and other resources necessary to become more empowered and resilient.


We Connect

We provide spaces for Cultural Brokers and the community to expand equitable access to resources in the county.


We Support

We provide professional development opportunities for Cultural Brokers in the areas of resource navigation, advocacy, and networking.

“We are here to dignify the immigrant’s experience. Coming to a different country can be frightening and the process of adaptation can be aggressive. Our job is to help and provide them with the resources they need to feel safe in a place that is totally different from where they come from.” 

Angie Lorena Alvarado Caro, Cultural Broker

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